English Task–Descriptive Speech


This is a writing exercise about descriptive speech, for which I am asking you to create a fictional character. This description will go beyond physical characteristics: I really want you to create a character, a persona, and a story. You will also create a portait using one of these websites. It’s fun, and it will give you the chance to write more about their life and personality, instead of their physicality. I chose pickaface.net to create my fictional person. 

  • Create your person’s face. 
  • Name them. 
  • Write their story, experience, personality traits, background, objectives, etc. Write anything worth knowing about this person in 200-500 words. 
  • Email the picture and written description of your fictional character at lucymeyers49@gmail.com, and I will post it as soon as possible. 

Good luck! 


Meet my fictional character, Ben LaVille. 


Ben was always the quietest person in the room, he didn’t like to receive too much attention. His voice was low, but his outfits were loud. Bizarrely, Ben would get attention because of the way he dressed. People would stare at him and whisper to one another, but he didn’t  mind that type of attention–the type that occurred far away from him. What Ben didn’t like was loud people who would try to interact with him, try to make him laugh, and force him to be nice. Ben’s mother was very much like that. She was always inquiring about him, and always trying to (very loudly) get his attention. He resented her for that. When Ben was 21 years old, he graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in Computer Science and moved to Colombia to work for an American pharmaceutical company. He loved his life. He didn’t have many friends and was happy about that. After five years, he moved back to America for a job in Billings, Montana. He bought a house, a horse (named Joey), and a dog (Lucy). Ben met his soulmate on the Internet. François was a journalist, working for the Billings Gazette, and he thought Ben was the most interesting person on the planet. They gave each other the perfect amount of space, and eventually adopted a daughter, Flora-Lynn, who is now four years old. Ben donates money every month hoping to save the world and accumulate good karmic energy for him and his family. He has developed a passion and talent for gardening and cooking organic meals for François and Flora-Lynn.

Word count: 267

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