Teachers, These are the websites I have found useful

This is a list of websites that have helped me in my teaching language.

Study Guides and Strategies

Every time I find myself scrolling and surfing through this website I get ideas on how to teach students a valuable skill that they’ll be able to use in other classes. This website has a tons of information and pages, but they are clearly labelled and explained. It is not just for language learners, it’s for all students!

University of Texas, Austin–Foreign Language Teaching Methods

In this website, you’ll find a wide collection of lessons (podcasts) for teachers. They are intelligently categorized, that’s why I like it so much. The lessons are also very informative.

Sticky Ball

Yay, worksheets! I only use the adult section, because, well, I teach young adults. However, this website has plenty activities and worksheet for all ages, levels, and target skills. They’ll try to make you buy a book or another, but the free resources are great.

Super Teacher Tools

This website is a.ma.zing!!! I was able to create my own Jeopardy game, and it was the way I quizzed and graded my students on a crappy Friday. They were able to collaborate, choose their questions, and have a good time. Meanwhile, I made sure the questions were relevant to the material that was covered in class. I can’t ever go back to not knowing about this website!

ESL Lounge

Randomly, I use this website mostly for the pop song selection. Students love listening to songs, and filling in the blanks. However, ESL Lounge has many more tools and ideas. I have gotten lost in this website.


Lesson plans, articles, forums, etc. This is a great tool all around. TEFLnet is crowdsourced by real teachers sharing their ideas. Definitely a keeper.

Bill of Rights Institute

I use this a good deal when teaching American history, and specifically the constitution. The Bill of Rights Institute offers lesson plans, ideas, and authentic material that can help build interesting sequences.


Amazing lesson plans and material for teacher. It’s alternative, geared toward student interest, and relevant. If you want to teach critical literacy, media and technology literacy, you should really check it out. The lesson format is consistent, so it’s hard to get confused.

Breaking News English

For language learners and about the world news, this website offers many many full lesson plans. The material and plans are categorised by level and theme. I strongly recommend you checking it out.

Teaching Ideas

I mostly use the literacy section of this website. You really have to check it out for yourself though. It has so many resources, it’d be rude of me to try and summarize in a couple sentence. It’s worth getting lost in. 🙂

Fiction Teachers

I teach a writing class, and one of my objectives is to get students to write fiction. This website has plenty exercises and ideas for teachers and students.

Dr. Young’s Reading Room

Scripts, scripts, and more scripts. This website is amazing and you should go to it right now!

Timeless Teacher Stuff

This guy has also compiled a series of helpful websites for teaching. It looks like the categories fit the public school curriculum. Great resource!


The series of worksheets is astounding. I have used them in my writing course on many occasions. The students always have a good time, and the exercises leave room for them to be creative.

ESL Drama

If you are curious to use theater in the language classroom, (which you should be!) this website is a good start. It links you to resources, material, and lesson plans. Highly recommended.

Games and Activities for the ESL classroom

The title says it all, no surprises here! This website is useful if you run out of ideas for games in the classroom. It won’t provide you with full lesson plans, but the small activities can be really fun to try out, and keep forever in your back pocket.

ESL Flow

Also worth getting lost in! The website design isn’t great, don’t get hung up on that. The lesson are really interesting and sometime critical in nature. I have successfully tried some of them out. I was never disappointed.

[No Title]

I create bingo games from this website. I am sure there is more to it. Check it out and let me know what you got from it. It’s by far the most random website, but has turned out to be useful for me. 🙂

Espresso English

I only access the free stuff. lol

Rong Rang Readings

These readings are so easy, I could very well write them myself. But when I don’t feel so inspired, I use Rong Rang. There’ll probably be a point in my career when I’ll stop using these small texts, but for now they do the trick. They are great for dictation and dictagloss.


This page thematically takes you to more pages. It’s magic.

English Grammar Online

This page provides you with grammar charts and tables. They’re a good start, and save you the time you put in making them yourself.

Many Things

This page is full of interactive games. They are hard to play in the classroom, put awesome to share with the students, so they can have fun with it on their own time.

 The NYT Learning Network

Amazing!! I have used in my reading course, it’s integrated and relevant. The lesson plans are really cool. You need to check it out!!

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